Best 10 Tips For Your Home Decor

You probably have an image in your head of the best decoration for your home. How does the dream look like? Is it with less furniture, royal, classic or a mix of different styles?

  • Start From Scratch!

Especially if you are not that experienced and want to get a feel for it, then assume that the selected place is empty. For example, if you want to redecorate a dresser, put everything away. It also makes sense to remove all the pictures on a wall before you hammer in a nail somewhere and hang up a picture. This makes it much easier for you to see the dimensions.

  • Find Your Style

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Look around what you like. What kind of decoration do others have and which ones do you like in images? Print these out and think about how you can implement this with your existing colors, shapes and things and a few new pieces.

  • Define A Topic

It’s nice when a story can be told with the accessories. With dried flowers, ceramic vases and heavy clay bowls, for example, summer meadows and their scents can be staged.

  • Choose An Odd Number

Within these groups you should choose an odd number. Because the human eye perceives arrangements of three, five or seven things as more better and aesthetic than numbers of two or four.

  • Leave Space

A little space should be left between the accessories. In this way, each ensemble or each solitaire can be discovered and perceived on its own. How much free space should remain is a matter of feeling – simply move the groups around until it fits the home decor.

  • Play With Different Heights
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If everything is at the same height, you will never get caught and it will quickly become boring. But if you play with different heights, a lively but nice arrangement quickly emerges.

  • Choose Different Shapes

The same applies to the forms: combining opposites such as bulbous and powerful pieces with filigree, slender and graceful things enlivens the arrangement and makes it look interesting.

  • Dust Regularly

The decorative pieces quickly lose their shine when they get dusty. You should therefore not forget to regularly wipe the annoying dust off the pretty decoration.

  • Change Accessories Regularly

Decorating is fun, so don’t be afraid to rearrange and freshen up the arrangements regularly. Because even small changes have a big effect, so that the home always looks different.

  • Lean On The Existing Color World

If you want a whole in your own home decor, you should coordinate the accessories with the existing home colors. So everything looks stylish and as if made of one piece. A clover-green vase doesn’t go well with a rust sofa, and the blue armchair doesn’t go particularly well with the yellow fruit bowl. Check out for more ideas and start to decorate your home in a wonderful way.


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