Best Electric Bikes in the World

The electric bikes market has experienced rapid development in recent years: in 2022, sales reached their previous record high of two million items. The level of marks in the tests rose just as rapidly: the drives became more comfortable, the batteries larger and the platform of relationships between motor and gears are well combined. There are also differences depending on whether you want to use the e-bike to get to work in the city or whether you are out and about on dirt roads in your free time. There are different categories here.


KTM Macina Aera 

The KTM Macina Aera 671 achieved the perfect overall rating in the rides. The testers praised the maneuverability of the e-bike and the excellent derailleur gears, which also work very well on inclines.

Best Electric Bikes in the World
Best Electric Bikes in the World

Cube Nuride EXC

With an overall grade, the Nuride EXC 625 Allroad ranked in top 10 in the reports, but the gap to the other electric bikes in the grade range is only small. And it is the cheapest model in the selection. The riders attest to good handling with comfort.

Turbo Tero 

The specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 Step e-bike achieved an overall rating and thus tied for second place with two other models in the list. The bike has a sports focus and is suitable for cross-country rides in easy terrain.

Other Models Under Test

Along with the Turbo Tero 4.0 Step, two other electric bikes tied for second place. However, both models are in short supply and hard to come by. The Simplon Kagu Bosch is the only SUV e-bike with hub gears in the list. The handling of the item is good overall, but the comfort is not that great. In terms of handling, the Stevens E-Universe 6.5 performs slightly better and, above all, is notably cheaper. However, some equipment aspects such as the lighting are worse.

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Overall, the other models are only satisfactory. The Corratec MTC is usually good to drive, but there are weaknesses in the battery charging time and in the handling and emissions issues. The Kalkhoff Entice 5.B  also has to contend with pollutants in the grips and saddle. In addition, the riders criticized the riding stability of the e-bike and gave mediocre ratings for the handling.


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