Billionaire Luxury Private Jets

The job of an aircraft builder requires a high level of creativity. This is especially true for the companies specializing in cabin design. They are in constant competition with each other to design the most attractive and comfortable cabins for their discerning customers. The aim of private jets providers is to offer their customers a private jets that is so individually created on the inside that they can go about their business in a relaxed way.


Multifunctional Interiors In Front Of Private Jets

Experts emphasize that new products also open up completely new opportunities for interior design in private jets. The components of the galley, such as the coffee machines and even cooking surfaces are becoming lighter and more pleasing at the same time. 

Comlux is one of the private jet manufacturers that foresaw the trend for the use of light-emitting diode screens, which are also used in TV’s. The company uses them to build large simulated windows that give the impression of looking at the sky through the fuselage. But they can also be used for basic purposes. The screens are so thin that you can apply them to a surface to style a touchscreen or plan an artwork onto it.

Billionaire Luxury Private Jets
Billionaire Luxury Private Jets

Carbon fibers allow engineers to reduce the aircraft weight of a luxury private jet while providing structural reinforcement. These elements are now becoming increasingly desirable for private jet interiors. Flying Colors Corp. is a company headquartered in Canada, that maintains, equips and converts aircraft and cabins. For example, the experts built a cabin in a Bombardier 850 that was predominantly made of this material. According to the company, the customer chose the elements for purely aesthetic reasons, replacing the veneered wood of the tables and dividers with black and gray accent colors. The interior of the private jet shines in a whole new light.

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Flying Colors has installed its first bespoke cabin. The new nine-passenger interior features lightweight granite flooring, white leather seats with bright blue inserts and wood veneer trim with a high-gloss finish.


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