Biography of Memoli Zengin?

In this article, for our dear readers, “Biography of Memoli Zengin?” We will answer the question. Here is the life story of athlete and Turkish actress Memoli Zengin:

Memoli Zengin, commonly known as Memoli Zengin, is a Turkish actor and model. He is also a kickboxer and an artist who performs music. Memoli Zengin was born in Gaziantep Şehitkamil on September 30, 2002. The actor completed his primary and secondary education in Gaziantep Şehitkamil Tekirsin school. He finished high school at the same city’s 8 February Anatolian High School.

He Took Acting Lessons from Ayla Algan

Meanwhile, Memoli Zengin began taking acting classes from Ayla Algan. The actor’s first acting experience was in the film Recep İvedik. Memoli Zengin and Şahan Gökbakar both starred in this film. Togan Gökbakar was in charge of the film’s production. 5.750.000 people viewed it on YouTube. Memoli Zengin appeared in his first professional film, which was released on February 22, 2008.

Memoli Zengin’s acting career continued with the 2008 film AROG. Cem Yılmaz wrote the script for the film AROG. Cem Yılmaz directed the movie, which he co-directed with Ali Taner Baltac. The film follows the adventures of a character named Arif during the Stone Age.

AROG, the full title of the film, was released on December 5, 2008. Cem Ylmaz and Memoli Zengin both participated in the same film.

Memoli Continues His Acting Career

In 2010, Memoli Zengin appeared in the film Eyvah Eyvah. Hakan Algül was the film’s director. The story follows the adventures of a man named Hüseyin, who lives in Çanakkale and earns a living playing the clarinet. Hüseyin travels to Istanbul after learning about his family’s situation. The humorous events they had with a singer named Firuzan are told in the film. Memoli Zengin, who starred in this film that was well-received in Turkey, began to advance quicker in his acting career after appearing in it.

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Memoli Zengin revived the his character in the film in the sequel, Eyvah Eyvah 2. On January 7, 2011, the film was released. It also had a high success rate, with the first 801,000 people watching it. Eyvah Eyvah 2 was one of the top ten most popular Turkish films. With 3.123.000 viewers in the first four weeks, it was a big hit.

Berlin Tiger Film by BKM

Memoli Zengin later went on to act in the film Berlin Tiger. BKM Production is the film’s producer. Hakan Algül also works as the film’s director. The film was also released on January 27, 2012.

Memoli appeared in the film Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarlığa Veda as a guest star. On February 14, 2013, the film was released.

Memoli Zengin also starred in the 2014 film Patron Mutlu Son İstiyor, which came out on January 1st. Ezgi Mola, Murat Başoğlu, and Tolga Çevik feature in the film.

He also acted in the 2015 film Delibal, which was released on December 25th. The film stars Leyda Lidya Tuğutlu and Çağatay Ulusoy in the lead roles. In Azerbaijan and Germany, the film was released. The film’s German premiere took place at the Ufa Palast in Stuttgart. The film’s Azerbaijani premiere occurred at the Nizami film center.

Best Child Model Of The World Competition Winner

Bulgaria hosted the 10th Best Child Model Of The World competition. In 2016, the competition was held. In all, 42 participants from 42 nations competed in the contest. Memoli Zengin of Turkey took first place in the Men’s Competition.

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Memoli Zengin became the first in the music list with five songs in his music career in 2017. This is the Billboard Hot 100 list, which is published in the United States. The songs that are played here, the popularity of the singers, the sales of singles, and the frequency with which they are broadcast on the radio are all dependent on.

Succeeding in His Sports Career

Memoli Zengin debuted the ring in 2017 in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. He worked hard to obtain a good success in the branch of kick boxing known as rızın when he was there. Memoli Zengin defeated British Antonhy Joshua, who weighed 75 kg, in the second round. As a result, he was a huge success in this sector as well.

Memoli Zengin, who wants to further his acting career, stated in an interview that he put more effort in this regard. Zengin , who has worked in the sector since he was a youngster, began shooting catalogs when he was seven years old.

The Filmography of Zengin;

2008 AROG Movie: Commander Logar’s Soldier – Supporting Character

2010 Eyvah Eyvah Movie: Mafia – Supporting Character

2011 Eyvah Eyvah 2 Movie: Mafia – Supporting Character

2012 Berlin Kaplanı Movie: Ayhan Kaplan’s Rival – Supporting Character

2013 Romantik Komedi Movie: Supporting Character

2012 Patron Mutlu Son İstiyor Movie: Supporting Character


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