Golf Swing Tips

The golf swing is considered to be one of the most difficult movement in sports. Only pole vault for example is more difficult. Most golfers also want to aim high. But God has put diligence before success.

Despite many warnings, there are always new golfers who hope, as a talent and movement to be able to do without unnecessarily many hours of coaching and practice on the range. If you have decided to learn the golf swing now with the sobering certainty that you have chosen one of the most intensive sports, welcome. In the following, we will introduce you step by step to the most beautiful game in the world.


Good Preparation Is Everything

Like almost every sport, golf also focuses on certain muscles that play a rather subordinate role in everyday life. The result is not infrequently a little sore muscles after the first golf lesson. This can be prevented or at least moderated by  training the back and arm muscles beforehand. But don’t overdo it! The golf swing ensures that muscles are stretched, especially in the biceps.

Golf Swing

Less Is Sometimes More

Beginners always try to force the swing with all sorts of superfluous movements in their arms and legs. But even the fastest competitive ones will not be able to move their arms so quickly to even begin to approach the club head speed that can be achieved with the help of tension and a hip movement.

The Right Golf Swing Iron

Depending on which golf is used for the golf swing, it makes sense to widen the stance a little or to make it narrower. Long drivers have a longer swing radius and therefore require a slightly wider stance to maintain balance. Short golf swing irons are lighter and therefore easier to act. If such an iron is used, the stand should be narrower.

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The Position Of The Wrists

The position of the wrists is very important to make a good golf swing. The key here is the correct wrist in relation to the racket. The so-called square position at the highest point of the golf swing is great for a long swing. In this position, the wrists are straight, in line with the golf. Kinking the wrists during this phase increases the swing and prevents the ball from reaching its destination.


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