Great Examples Of Luxury Villa’s

Clear lines, lots of light, lots of space: the main requests of a luxury villa. In addition, it is the skilfully used design that makes a luxury villa what it is. Luxury villas are designed by great architecture.


Oversized Lift And Slide Doors

A particularly successful example is this luxury villa. 1,000 m2 of living space, equipped with a state of art. The exterior impression is made by wooden windows with window bars. Choosing the right elements is an important decision, especially with luxury properties. The window and door experts have used a hand picked range of individually crafted wooden windows, durable wooden doors and elegant glass material for the equipment of this villa. Oversized lift and slide doors are no longer the usual structuring materials for the interior of the luxury villas, they are connecting pieces that open the space instead of closing it.

Luxury Villa

Reliable Security and Freedom

Security is a must have, especially in the big cities. Therefore, the luxury villa is equipped with a selection of stable security windows. The villa uses a multitude of digital equipment and contemporary design in the overall concept. One focus is the villa of freedom with great view. Glass railings support the feeling of carefree freedom in the villa and allow illumination with daylight. Doors made of wood create the best contrast by creating areas of retreat and a frame of reference.

Want To Design Your Own Villa?

A question of personal taste, because this option has undeniable benefits. Exclusive decors have just been realized. The individual touch of the villa can be decorated at any time with windows, doors and glass materials in combination with experienced designers or adapted to your own needs and wishes. The new construction of a villa offers the opportunity to create an atmosphere between elegance and one’s own dreams in terms of elements and decoration.

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Custommade Villa

Custommade wooden doors, lift and slide doors, interior doors or thermal insulation windows and  windows with a low U-value are manufactured piece by piece precisely according to the client’s wishes Like in this luxury villa , the lightning means pure joy and the generous materials that have been built into the villa convey this feeling in the most beautiful way.


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