Grey Goose Vodka’s Price Guide

Grey Goose is a premium class brand. It is made in western France, in the Cognac area, from carefully selected French wheat from the La Beauce and water clean purified by limestone. The area, which is the birthplace of many excellent spirits, not only counts fields of high-quality wheat, but also pure water among its treasures. The water is cleaned by the limestone and can be used for vodka production without much difficulties.

Grey Goose Vodka's Price Guide
Grey Goose Vodka’s Price Guide

The Grey Goose Vodka is available in the normal 0.7 bottle, but can also be bought in the 1.5 lt large bottle for special occasions and celebrations. For exclusive celebrations with many guests, it is advisable to order the Grey Goose big size with almost 5 liters. In addition to the obligatory lettering, all bottles of Grey Goose Vodka show a swarm of flying geese, the trademark of the spirit which has a price range of 35 to 38 euros in markets.


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