High End Furniture Brands

Anyone who is a furniture brand lover will love this item! Top design luxury brands around the world creating the great furniture to come up with creative and innovative idea! Discover the brands now!


Rolf Benz

Since 1964, the German company Rolf Benz has made an effort to reduce death from poor home furnishings. Because Rolf Benz has been producing sofas for exactly 50 years. Some say they are the most desirable sofas made because people have discovered the sheer pleasure of sitting and relaxing, but not quite lying down.

Furniture Brands


Minotti emerged in the 1950s by Alberto Minotti. The original size, tailored to a craft business, changed quickly. As early as the 1960s one could speak of an industrial company. The following stage is thanks to Roberto Minotti: between the 1970s and 1980s they made their name a well-known trademark in Italy and abroad.


It is a design brand that reflects an intensive way of life that brings strength to a lifestyle. They produce a diverse range of furniture, living room furniture, upholstered furniture, lighting, carpets, art that tell stories from nature and the world. All of these stories are created by the elements, the quality, the fragrances, the flavors and the colors. With BRABBU you get more than a design piece, you get unique sensations in harmony with your rooms and your character. BRABBU pieces are a gift for the senses. Every day the designers and craftsmen seek the most innovative comfort, luxury and function that your spaces deserve.


Delightfull has unique handcrafted products. All products have one important thing: They are recovering the 50s and 60s with modern, fresh pieces. To have a Delightfulls piece is to have quality and to help recreate an era with a taste. Delightfull offers the great solutions for interior projects, as they are versatile lights that adapt to different environments with unusual ease. With this brand you will find the contemporary furnishing ideas.

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Boca do Lobo

This strives to bring you the most beautiful luxury furniture for the interior designs. The brand prides itself on the talent of the young and skilled master craftsmen, of the finest materials that they use to create exclusive furniture concept that combines ancient knowledge with contemporary models.


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