How Much Does An Island Cost

Undisturbed tranquility right on the water: In many parts of the world you can buy your own islands. In some places they cost a few thousand dollars, but of course you can also pay 25 million.


Sand Dunes As Far As The Eye Can See

Waves wash gently around the small lagoon with the anchorage. A herd of horses trots by and seeks shelter from the scorching sun in a mangrove forest. A flock of colorful birds flies up chirping. The island of Altamura in Baja for example is a paradise that, despite its beauty, is still almost untouched. And it will probably stay that way. The island, with a good 100 square km is for sale.

All over the world would be sufficient balance to buy islands. They are often remote and therefore require a lot of travel expenses, even if the infrastructure has generally improved. Buyers will find what they are looking for, especially in emerging countries such as Mexico, because here, during development phases, the state has generously sold land to wealthy individuals who are gradually selling it on. Chic small islands without buildings are available from a few thousand dollars.


Some Are Much More Expensive

Altamura, however, is one of the most expensive areas in its offer. The son of a former Mexican president has had his second residence there for the past few years. He had a wooden house built for himself, but it was equipped with everything the dropout needs: running water, electricity and a telephone. He keeps 1200 free-range cattle.

Ordinary Island Buyers

The dream of their own island kingdom is not only fulfilled by celebrities and the wealthy. 90 % of island buyers are regular, middle-income people who are unknown. Anyone who buys an island should be able to improvise and appreciate solitude. If the power goes out or a storm covers the roof, the islander cannot simply call the electrician or the fire department.

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Drastic Price Increase

Prices have tripled and in some cases since the 1970s. There are very good reasons for this. The use of renewable energies has become easier in recent years. This enables the islanders to generate electricity and heat independently. Low-cost airlines make traveling to many places cheaper. You can also keep in touch with civilization, even work from the remote corner of the world.


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