How Much Does It Cost To Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl is a hard-wearing floor covering that is growing in popularity. The floors are available in many different shapes. The quality is elastic and soft and resistant to moisture.

The preparation of the floor can cost between 2 and 15 dollars per square meter. The preparation costs depend on the substrate and the type of floor to be laid. Rolls or tiles are soft, the floor hugs the sub-floor. Therefore it has to be very smooth. Click vinyl can smooth out minor bumps.

A smooth and level surface that can only be cleaned causes the lowest costs of two to three dollars per square meter. If old floors have to be removed or larger bumps have to be removed, the costs rise to up to 15 dollars per square meter. Vinyl floor coverings are available in rolls, tiles or click planks. Self-laying sheets or boards are a solution for rented floors because the subsurface is usually not damaged. Tiles on the other hand, always have to be glued, many products are already provided with glue.

The complete costs for laying are divided in a ratio of 6 to 4. Depending on the existing substrate, complex laying work is necessary. The existing floor covering is of great importance, depending on the surface and expensive preparatory work is necessary.



What Does The Flooring Cost?

The prices for the flooring depend on the thickness of the wear layer, the structure of the element and the style. Sheets, tiles and click vinyl are available at prices between 12 and 40 dollars per square meter. More expensive floors are usually more durable.

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What To Watch Out For After Laying The Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floors are usually sealed with a PU layer. It protects the design and is quite durable. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider at the beginning. Final design cleaning is due immediately after installation. It is used to remove contamination that occurs during laying. The floor must be carefully cleaned of chips, sand and stones with a soft broom. This is followed by a damp wiping with a neutral cleaner.

No maintenance is recommended in private areas if the floor has a PU seal. Film-forming special materials from retailers that are intended for PU floors still make sense. They form an additional protective that protects the floor from discoloration and scratches. Everyone should take on this little work so that the result stays beautiful for a long time.


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