How To Set Up A Luxury Living Room?

The luxury living room is by far the place in our own four walls where we spend the most time. Because here people laugh, snack and relax. Since it is much easier to relax in a great environment, a little luxury in the living room is never wrong. Our interior experts will tell you how you can get the luxury into your home. Because often it is not just the size that is convincing or a noble furniture that is used. Let yourself be inspired!


The Right Materials

Here a little velvet and silk, there a nice accent with an imitation. Elements often make a small but subtle difference. Of course, it doesn’t have to be silk right away, a similar look is enough! A new sofa is also not necessary immediately: simply replace the pillows on the couch or the bed linen. Or cleverly place a fluffy fur blanket on the sofa. This creates a new effect of the room through tiny changes.

Curtain Up

Hardly anything looks more elegant than floor-length curtains. Because even those who have no old building ceilings can benefit from the long curtains. They visually stretch the wall and make the room appear higher. In large rooms, noble, heavy materials look particularly luxurious. In smaller rooms, more translucent elements such as linen are more suitable.

luxury living room

These Pieces Should Not Be Missing In The Luxury Living Room

In the luxury living room, a good couch is the must have piece. Because particularly striking designs made of velvet with golden become stylish eye-catchers and are a real statement. You should always choose an armchair and a coffee table to match. With several small lamps you can also create a cozy living room. If you have combined the living room and dining room, you should also think of a long table made of high-quality wood. Velvet chairs look particularly luxurious.

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The Lighting In The Luxury Living Room

Put your luxurious living room in the right light! Because great lighting should definitely not be missing here. After all, the light determines the atmosphere of the room. With indirect light sources or well thought-out accent lighting, you can give your living room a beautiful design. Fairy lights, pendant lights, table or wall lamps are particularly beautiful. Floor lamps, on the other hand, should only be used if you have enough space in your luxury living room. Otherwise, the room can look crowded and overloaded very quickly.


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