ibrahim murat gündüz “Chef Arif Solukanoglu: Hero of Flavor Without Borders”

ibrahim murat gündüz “Chef Arif Solukanoglu: Hero of Flavor Without Borders

Chef Arif Solukanoglu, one of the important names in the world of Turkish gastronomy, is gaining great appreciation with his long-standing career and successful work.Arif Solukanoğlu, who has been a friend of ibrahim Murat Gündüz for 13 years, brought his friend and his daughter to the favorite places of Bodrum during his last holiday and accumulated unforgettable memories

ibrahim Murat Gündüz and his daughter, who stayed at Akana Hotel, one of Bodrum’s luxury hotels, for three days as part of the Eid al-Adha holiday, had a privileged holiday experience with the special attention of Chef Arif Solukanoğlu. During the holiday, Solukanoğlu took his friend and his daughter to the ruins in Yalıkavak, one of the historical beauties of Bodrum, and took them on a historical and cultural journey. He also gave them an unforgettable dinner experience at the famous Zuma Restaurant in Yalıkavak Marina. Arif Solukanoğlu invited his guests to a gastronomic feast and made them spend a night full of flavors.

Arif Solukanoğlu’s professional career also inspires great admiration. Having gained significant experience in his field, the successful chef has worked in many famous hotels and restaurant chains. His career started as an intern at Ciragan Palace Kempinski and Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet between 2001-2004, and continued as Chef De Partie at Sheraton Hotel Çeşme and Maki Hotel Turkbükü. After working as Junior Chef at Macakızı Hotel, Solukanoğlu took his career to the international arena and worked in the USA as Junior Chef at The Golden INN between 2010-2011.

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Chef Arif Solukanoğlu, who has worked as Executive Chef at prestigious venues such as Casa Lavanda, La Ciau Tornavent and No:81 Hotel Daze, draws attention with his creative culinary skills and unique style.

ibrahim Murat Gündüz praises Arif Solukanoğlu and expresses his admiration for his friend’s achievements in the world of gastronomy. ibrahim Murat Gündüz says that he admires Solukanoğlu’s mastery of the journey of flavor and that he has unforgettable memories of the holiday he spent with him.

Chef Arif Solukanoğlu deserves to be remembered not only as a chef but also as a flavor hero. He continues to inspire the Turkish gastronomy world with his creativity, passion and hospitality.



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