Most Affordable Luxury Cars

We are talking about a series of so-called dream luxury cars, which quickly show that dreams can easily become reality. We present a whole range of affordable luxury cars, fast convertibles that are easy on the wallet. Incidentally, this applies not only to the inexpensive financing and fixed monthly installments, but also to the maintenance costs. In other words, nothing stands in the way of living your dream. Get on!


Audi TTS

Anyone who prefers a German model is well advised with the Audi TTS. In terms of design, this one certainly no longer needs to be described – numerous awards for the simple TT model herald the proverbial eye-catching fact. The TTS is again the model of the TT and lives up to its name. 320 hp from a 2 lt engine ensure an acceleration of 4.5 seconds to 100 km / h. The top speed was graciously limited to 250 km / h.

The high level of comfort is the Audi TTS. In view of a comprehensive infotainment with a 12.3 inch display, integrated voice, air conditioning and even a WLAN, it really cannot be called a purist. There is also a high level of safety functions such as a lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and a blind spot. Sounds expensive, but it isn’t, because the monthly maintenance costs are still barely more than 300 dollars.

Luxury Cars

Madza MX-5

The second in the group is of course the Mazda MX-5.It was at the beginning of the 1990s when a roadster entered the automotive stage for the first time with this one. Since then, four generations have been built and more than a million models have been sold. Like its predecessors, the fourth generation also works according to a kind of principle. What is meant by this is that maximum driving pleasure is achieved with minimal investment and maintenance costs.

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This is underscored by the curb weight of only around one ton, which is properly brought into motion with up to 184 hp. Expressed in numbers, the acceleration is 6.8 seconds to 100 km / h and the top speed is around 220 km / h, which are truly presentable values for an open car. What about the cost? They are just around 298 dollars a month.

Luxury Cars

Abarth 595

If you are looking for an emotional Italian luxury car, you don’t need to go straight to a Ferrari dealer. Abarth is also a true car manufacturer in the affordable price segment. On the basis, the company based in Turin creates compact, but extremely lively bang cans which clearly focus on driving enjoyment. The experience for this comes from the numerous engagements in motorsport. Abarth has made a name for itself especially on the rally slopes of the world.

The components of the Abarth 595 come from the most well-known suppliers. This concentrated motor know-how turns the former city runabout Fiat 500 into a racing model with up to 180 hp and an unladen weight of less than 1200 kg. This combination allows the 595 in its strongest version.


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