Most Expensive Electric Motorcycles

The change from internal combustion to electric motorcycles is gaining popularity in the industry. But electrification seems to be making still slow progress in the motorcycle.

There are a large number of manufacturers who offer electric motorcycles on the market. The range of powered motorcycles has so far remained very manageable.


Alrendo With 75 Hp

The Stromer in power cruiser, which can be pre-ordered on the website, combines a 75 hp motor with a 16.6 kWh battery. The bike only drives a max of 135 km / h, but in return it can travel between 150 and 400 km. However, the range is only achieved at a constant 50 km / h. The charging process at a household socket takes just under four hours.

By the way, the opposite is called Livewire. Harley-Davidson introduced the chic bike in Europe last year at a price of 33,000 euros. Although it costs a double of the other models, its battery capacity is even smaller at 15.5 kWh. On the other hand, it offers a lot of power with 106 hp.

Livewire With A Range Of 158 Km

On country roads, the Livewire can keep up with almost any conventional combustion bike in the sector below 150 hp. The range is still 158 km, which is also a practically achievable value on country roads. Those who take a longer break after a two-hour can refuel the Livewire fairly quickly, because its fast charging allows the battery to be filled in just one hour.

Electric Motorcycles

Verge With 107 Hp

Not yet available, but announced for this year is the TS from start-up Verge Motorcycles. The bike not only looks grown up, it also looks great, as it has a hub-less rear wheel that integrates the electric drive. The electric motorcycle is ring-shaped and visually forms a unit with the spoke and hub-less rim. Verge also promises 107 hp. This should enable a sprint from standstill to 100 km / h in under 4 seconds.

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With the onboard charger the time is 4 hours, with a fast charger it is reduced to up to 45 min. The min. and at the same time the TS is based on an aluminum bridge frame. Verge takes pre-orders for the TS on its official page, it costs 25,000 euros.


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