Most Popular Cartier Jewellery

Cartier has a long history. Since Cartier started making his first jewellery in 1860; has managed to attract the attention of its distinguished customers with its quality and style. The brand has worked to add royal custom pieces to its jewellery collections. Also, thanks to this article, it is much easier for you to find what you are looking for in the Cartier store near me.

cartier store near me

The Duchess of Windsor is known to admire Cartier’s magnificent sculptural motifs and order several pieces. The most famous of its jewellery is a bracelet made of 18 cm diamonds, agate and emerald, which have recently been sold for just over $ 7,000,000.

Cartier nail ring

Cartier jewellery believes in designs that appeal to modern tastes but include old-world elegance. Cartier only includes good materials in its jewellery. In addition, the brand’s watches prepared with skilful craftsmanship are also very famous.


Stylish and Comfortable Use of Jewellery

Cartier watches provide long-term use with their durable and robust mechanisms. Also, the use of silicone material on the wristbands of classic watches fits well on the wrist. Fully seated and not limiting the movement of the wrist makes the watches easier to use.

Cartier earrings

As Cartier earrings are always designed differently from the previous series, each series is eagerly awaited. Cartier earrings, which are in the category of luxury earrings, are preferred by their users because they are high quality and flashy.


Cartier engagement rings are one of the most preferred rings. It attracts great attention thanks to its models that draw attention with its elegance and kindness.

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One of the wide ranges of Cartier opportunities can be listed as Cartier nail ring and Cartier wedding ring. Thanks to Cartier, which is the right address for couples making new marriage plans, you can make great surprises for your partner.


Advantages of Cartier Jewellery


  • It is preferred by customers thanks to the elegance and convenience offered by Cartier jewellery.


  • Cartier Brand offers more economical prices compared to other brands. This is a plus for those who care about price.


  • Cartier produces a wide variety of jewels.

Disadvantages of Cartier Jewellery


  • Cartier brand is very familiar, though incomparably other brands. It lags behind brand recognition.


  • When it comes to sensitivity, it may be slightly weaker than other brands.


  • The resale value is lower.


  • Although Cartier has many different options and colours, it doesn’t have as many models as other opponents.

Modular Jewellery

Cartier, which can adapt not only to fashion but also to historical events, designs modular jewellery to prevent sales from falling with the crisis in the late 20s.


A one-piece long necklace can be cut into pieces, Cartier nail bracelets and earrings can be obtained.

Royal Crown

The Halo crown that Kate Middleton wore at her royal wedding is a piece made by Cartier in 1936 and in the private collection of the royal family. The same crown was worn by Margaret of the British Princess in the 30s.



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