Private Jet Costs

If you have decided private jet rental, you must first review some parameters and make the necessary calculations. For example, you can start with how often and at what range you will fly.


If you have determined the necessary conditions, it is now time for you to hire the most suitable private jet. Keep in mind that your contact is a broker from the moment you decide to rent a jet until your operations begin and that the operator you entrust the jet to after the operations have started. Private jet charter brings with it certain responsibilities.

First, it is useful to briefly explain AOPA: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. A non-profit organization for general aviation. Establishment May 15, 1939. AOPA struggles to make general aviation safe and affordable.


It is the world’s largest volunteer organization with around 500 thousand members aiming to protect freedom of flying. If you want a safe and comfortable flight, we recommend that you also consider private jet costs.

Functional cost categories for private jets for sale:


  • Jet operating expenses
  • Direct Operating Expenses
  • Jet maintenance costs
  • Fuel cost
  • Traffic service costs, landing departure fee
  • Meals, flight attendants, in-flight services
  • General and administrative expenses.


Fixed costs and variable costs are important to determine before buying a Jet.


  1. Fixed costs; financing, insurance, hangar rental, etc.


  1. Variable costs; defined as rising or falling costs with the use of the Jet.


For example, as Jet hours increase, so does the total fuel cost. Therefore, fuel is a variable cost. If crew salaries are paid per flight hour (when the crew is paid hourly wages, the costs are variable. Many crew members are paid an annual salary, and in this case, the cost is considered a fixed cost.

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Certificate maintenance performed annually should be completed regardless of whether the jet flies ten hours or a thousand hours a year; this causes some operators to consider this type of maintenance as a fixed cost.


The same may apply to scheduled revisions and avionics updates. These costs can be considered as ‘fixed costs’ since they do not necessarily change with the use of the jet.


Approximate Prices of the Most Expensive Private Jet

In Delta Air Lines data; Boeing has announced the average cost at 737-800 as $ 5625 an hour. The plane burns 850 gallons of JetA1 per hour. Airbus Corporate Jets ACJ320 aircraft cost 8,745 USD per hour according to Airbus company data.


If we raise the bar a little higher; We can deal with the Boeing 747-400 model. More engines lead to higher prices. The average operating cost of the Boeing 747-400 uses $ 24,000 to $ 27,000 per hour and about $ 15,374 per hour. Its cost per mile is $ 39.08 to $ 43.97.


Top-tier passenger plane; The Airbus A380 uses about $ 17,467 fuel at a cost of $ 26,000 to $ 29,000 per hour and spends about $ 40.19 to $ 44.82 per mile.




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