Set Priorities For Luxury Home Design

Home sweet home. Here we are free and feel good. We are king in our own four walls. That is why our house should also look luxury and exclusive. It doesn’t take a lot of money or an expert interior for this to work. With a few tricks, your own apartment shines like a luxury home. You can work with newly purchased items or help with upcycling. That’s how it works:

First of all, you should be clear about what is important to you when setting up. Set priorities: cozy couch or sofa? Rain shower or bathtub with dim light? You should put your favorite pieces and favorite places in the limelight – and invest a little more money for them. In addition, it is important that you show a clear line in the decoration: whether modern, playful or harmonious – the more your luxury home looks as a whole, the higher quality every detail appears.

Luxury Home

  • The floor takes up most of the space next to the walls. Reason enough to pay more attention to it. Basic rule: the clearer the floor, the more luxury the apartment. So prefers wall cupboards or furniture with high legs, and accommodates as much as possible in higher positions.
  • A strong contrast between parquet and wall color brings luxury design into the house and creates an exquisite impression.
  • Even in the most colorful apartment, a carpet has to combine with the other large textiles such as the curtains. However, if the furnishings are generally restrained in terms of color, a garish carpet can add glamorous accents.
  • So-called beams look deceptively similar to wood beams. In addition, they can be attached without much effort. You can use it to bring structure to ceilings and rooms cheaply and effectively.
  • There are also inexpensive alternatives for moldings and appliques that are simply glued to the ceiling. No chandelier looks cozy without stucco design.
  • When it comes to the question of whether plaster or wallpaper is better, opinions differ. However, the same applies here: if you have a clear plan, you can dare to do a lot. Courage radiates self confidence and we intuitively associate self confidence with elegance. With glossy wallpaper or strong colors, you can set accents.
  • With pictures, how they are framed and arranged is far more important. A poster with adhesive tape looks cheap – in glass, a beautiful poster can be a highlight. Several small pictures should be grouped tightly rather than scattered, this has a calmer effect.
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