The Most Expensive Sneaker Brands

It is undisputed that sneaker have been part of everyone’s shoe collection for decades. After all, they are comfortable, timeless and fashionable. Just as diverse as the history of sneaker is our list of the most expensive sneakers ever sold. Of course, we don’t want to withhold these from you – after all, you can find everything here from props to worn shoes from your favorite athletes. Historical innovations and limited items of your favorites are also here. Some models are traded like securities, fetishists pay sums that others spend on a small car. What is simply a leisure shoe for many is a pure passion for having them. Many people are willing to pay a lot of money for a nice pair of shoes. However, the shoes in the following list are exorbitantly expensive. These are the most expensive shoes in the world.


Nike Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

From one pair of Air Jordan it goes straight to the next. What’s unique about these Nike model, which changed hands for a whopping 104,000 dollars, is that they were worn by Jordan himself in the NBA Finals. The addition Flu Game is said to have arisen from the reason that the basketball legend was ill at the time of the decisive final and was fighting for the title despite having the flu. For Jordan, the ordeal paid off as he not only won the championship with the Bulls, but was also crowned MVP.


The Fire Monkey by Bicion

There is only one sneaker in the world that is even more expensive than Drake’s sneaker, and this one takes place in this ranking. With a blue and white floral pattern consisting of hundreds of diamonds and sapphires made of 18k white gold, the Fire Monkey is said to have a price tag of four million dollars, according to news. Even the shoelaces are set with diamonds. On top of that, pendants with the sign of the Bicion label are said to be attached to the eyelets.

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Jordan’s Converse Fastbreaks

Worn by legend Michael Jordan himself, the Converse Fastbreaks were auctioned off by an unknown buyer 5 years ago for a price of 190,000 dollars making them the most expensive sneakers ever worn during an event. At the time of the auction, the sneakers were not in good condition, but they are considered an important asset in the scene: Jordan wore them at the beginning of his career and they were also considered his lucky charms when he won the gold medal in 1994.

Nike Waffle Racing Flat

The crown jewel of our list, and thus the most expensive sneaker in the world, is the Nike Waffle Racing Flat  from the 70’s. It was provided by Michael Geller during a Sotheby’s auction. A well-known shoe collector, acquired this pair for more than $400,000 and exhibited shortly thereafter in his private museum. Nike’s moon shoe was actually created for runners at the Olympic Games. Only 12 pairs were released in the 70s, making it one of the brands most iconic styles to this day.


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