The Most Expensive Vodka In The World

Chances to enjoy a fine vodka are not only found in spy movies. Drinking vodka is not only a tradition in Russia and has long ceased to be a male domain. No wonder, for example, that the third most expensive vodka in the world has the nickname world’s most glamorous vodka. But which is the most expensive vodka and why?


Diva Vodka

Even if rumors are circulating that the taste might be reminiscent of nail polish remover: this vodka has really touched treasures. The Diva Vodka is filtered three times: ice, birch charcoal, sand and precious stones are used here. Swarovski stones which adorn the inside of the bottle provide the necessary glitter. If you treat yourself to this drink, you have the necessary decoration with you.

The Most Expensive Vodka In The World
The Most Expensive Vodka In The World

Russo Baltic Vodka

In its bottle shape, the vodka from Russia bears a resemblance to a military vehicle. Designer is none other than the vehicle manufacturer. According to the producer, resale is not planned. Rather, the vodka should remain in family ownership in the long term.

Iordanov Vodka Decadence

As with the Oval one, the bottle uses Swarovski stones. The manufacturer has opted for 8,000 crystals. The vodka stands out from the other most expensive ones in the world because it is available in different flavors such as cranberry, orange or grapefruit. New Zealand is also involved when it comes to the most expensive one, which is based on New Zealand spring water, should be mentioned here. The bottle is wrapped in Kauri wood, which is a classic of New Zealand. Only 3,000 bottles of this vodka have been produced so far.

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Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bears 

The vodka features a stylish bear-shaped bottle. It can shine and by hanging it on the wall it can make the interior of a home or business premises unique. The Oval Vodka is in almost the same price category. The special thing about this vodka is its oval bottle designed with 7,000 Swarovski stones. This vodka comes from an Austrian and has been on the vodka market for 15 years.


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