The Most Expensive Wines In The World

In the wine scene, it was taken for granted that the new number one of the world’s most expensive wines would come from Bordeaux. At the beginning of this year, the auctions have announced that they were auctioning off a Château Pétrus. At the estimated price of one million dollars. After all, this genuine floated in space for over a year. As part of a research plan. Nevertheless, the estimated sum seemed sporty. After all, the leader of the most expensive wines at the time, a Conti from 1945, had only achieved about half that at 550,000 dollars. So you waited eagerly – and a little doubting, whether someone would actually be willing to pay a million dollars. Meanwhile, it became quiet around the all-wine.


Château Lafite 1869 – $230,000

At the end of 2010, the enthusiasts were on a spending spree. Auction Sotheby’s held a three-day auction of Bordeaux wines in Asia. In all, $10 million worth of wine changed hands in just one day. The mood was frenetic, with those present in the ballroom of Hong Kong, where the auction took place, erupting in loud applause as new highs were repeatedly achieved. Many of the Asian buyers had only just discovered collecting top wines for themselves, their cellars still had a lot of space, which meant that the bidders were not particularly price-sensitive. Their mission: to acquire the rarest wines from the quality vintages.


Château Cheval Blanc 1947 – $300,000

Château Cheval was already one of the greatest wineries on the right bank of Bordeaux before it was decided to have an official categorization in the appellation. Today, the Cheval Blanc winery is one of the best four châteaux classified as a rare top quality. That’s exactly what the wines were like in the warm retro of 1947, which is considered one of the greatest in the history of Bordeaux.

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Romanée-Conti 1945 – $550,000

Not so long before the all-expedition of Pétrus there was a change at the top: the classic Burgundy Conti achieved a new record a few years ago. During an auction by the US auction Sotheby’s, a bottle Romanée-Conti from 1945 achieved a new high. An anonymous buyer bought the jewel for a whopping $550,000. And paid far more than the estimated value of 35,000 dollars. Specialty of the wine: it comes from one of the most famous vineyards in Burgundy. And was somehow the last of its kind. Because the vineyard on which the vines grew was completely replanted in the following year, 1946. So there were no more wines from exactly these vines! An unique piece.

The Setting Wines Slipper Vineyard 2019 – $1,000,000

However, Romanée-Conti could not enjoy this for too long. Just three years later, they were brusquely relegated to second place. But not, as expected, from the competition from Bordeaux. But by a Californian who, in passing, duped the old world again. In 2021, entrepreneur Steiner offered one million dollars for a 6 lt bottle of Sauvignon from The Setting Wines. Wait, wasn’t there something? Yes, that’s the glamor winery with the custom builds. However, this wine was not made for any celebrity.


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