The Most Luxury Hotel Chains In The World

Which of the hotel chains that spread their luxury rooms all over the world are really the most perfect ones? The well-known hotel critics are certain: The greatest hotels in the world are those of the Peninsula, above all the fabulous Pen Hotel in Beverly Hills. In these hotels there is everything a pampered luxury heart desires. Criteria for the promotion to a top hotel are, in addition to the finest furnishings and mansion-like rooms, great service, an in-house temple and a first-class wellness area. And of course, the opinion of the guests. Experts compiled these points and created a ranking from them. The result: the ultimate luxury and most beautiful hotel chains in the world.


Peninsula Group

According to critics, the hotels in this chain are the classiest of all. The hotel in Hong Kong is the oldest one in the city which was opened in 1928 and is particularly impressive. With the incomparable view that you have from almost every room.

Hotel Chains

Mandarin Oriental

The hotels in this chain keep what the name promises: magical furnishings like in One Thousand and One Nights. Paired with the luxury of a marvellous hotel.


The name of this hotel chain is not yet very well known in Europe, but the flagship of the chain is: The noble Burj al Arab in Dubai. As one of the noblest ones in the world.

Banyan Tree

If you want to experience an Asian spa dream, it is good to book a room from the Banyan Tree chain. In the hotels on the Seychelles or like in Phuket. The wellness factor is particularly important.

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Kempinski Hotels

With the Kempinski Hotels, a venerable luxury room in the world hotel company also made it into the top list. Probably the most famous hotel in the chain is the Hotel Adlon in Germany. In the presidential suite, you can even watch TV from the bathtub. But even the regular rooms hardly leave anything to be desired.

Four Seasons Bora Bora

Who of you immediately thinks of the white sandy beaches with blue water and luxurious overwater bungalows that are the classic of the Caribbean when you hear the word luxury hotel? The Four Seasons on the Caribbean islands fulfill all of these requirements.


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