What Is The Most Expensive Penny In The World

A gold penny minted in the 1930s is the world’s most expensive penny: the $20 coin was auctioned at Sotheby’s on for a record 18.87 million. It belongs to the series of the last coins known as the Double Eagle and created as regular tender, which were minted in the USA until 1930.However, some specimens later found their way onto the collectors before being confiscated by authorities – with the exception of one, which was in the selection of the then Egyptian king. 


The 1794 Liberty Dollar

The silver dollar from the US Mint in Washington, which was newly founded in 1792. It is the first US dollar ever to be minted by the US Mint.

What Is The Most Expensive Penny In The World
What Is The Most Expensive Penny In The World

1913 Liberty Nickel: 5,000,000

The Liberty Nickel, dated 1913, is one of the greatest mysteries of coinage and one of the most notorious mis-strikes in the world. Earle Fraser’s famous buffalo was intended to appear on every 1913 coin. And yet there are five nickels from 1913 with the old style of Liberty.

Brasher Doubloon 1787

The oldest among the most expensive: The famous New York  gold dealer Brasher designed these coins and immortalized himself in them. Under the landscape illustration on the front sun, mountains and sea – he wrote his surname; he stamped his initials on the back.

Dei Gratia Dollar 1911: 1,000,000

The introduction of a coin was planned for Canada in 1911. The embossing dies were already done. The Canadian government decided against the introduction -a reason for this is not known. These coins were not known to exist until 1960. In 1960, the well-known coin dealer B.A. Seaby announced the purchase of such a coin. Seaby later discovered the second specimen in the Royal Mint in London.

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Anyone who has a passion for the world of numismatics enjoys historical coins from eras, valuable coins from modern-day mints and one or the other curiosity such as history charged misprints. The prices of the most valuable coins from around the world continue to rise steadily over the years due to their selections and value. For ordinary collectors, pieces that are among the most expensive coins in the world are unaffordable.


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