Best Door Cylinders

Doors in the building, basement and home entrance area consist of a door frame, door leaf and locking cylinder. The latter ensures a certain level of security and makes it difficult for unauthorized ones to open the door. Modern items are equipped with features created to make it even more difficult for customers. The private components work together precisely and ensure the smooth features of the locking cylinder.


In the door cylinder comparison, we present the locking cylinders with different features. You can find out what distinguishes a good cylinder in our guide. We also give you some advice on what to look out for when making a purchase in order to benefit from the highest security. And finally, you can check whether the independent consumer reports had already carried out locking cylinder stages.



Where to Buy Best Door Cylinders?


It is particularly important that locking cylinders withstand attacks with a drill or force – this is often what thiefs do when they tamper with the cylinder. However, three cylinders failed when drilling, one when pulling. They perform poorly on these checkpoints. Cylinders with guaranteed anti-drilling and pulling protection are usually resistant to this.


Pull protection in the cylinder is not always necessary: ​​a door sign with a cover over the locking also carries out the same task. You can find strong shields in the door locks reports. Drilling and pulling protection are not everything when it comes to resistant cylinders. These should have additional security features.


A high locking security -This includes, among other things, five pins stopping the cylinder.

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The right length -The cylinder should not protrude more than 3mm from the lock – otherwise burglars could break it off with pliers. The correct length of the door cylinder results from the thickness of the door including the fitting. It is measured from the center of the hole in the forend screw and the screw that fixes the cylinder in the door to the edge of the door with fitting.


Robust products -But how do you recognize a cylinder with anti-drilling protection? This is not so easy. Providers of Yalehome use a wide variety of basics to label such security features, but some providers also use them from private reports or other mechanisms of their own – some do not label their security equipment at all. Beyond the results, consumers can therefore hardly distinguish between reliable and less resistant cylinders in shops. Some of the models in the test did not provide any detail on anti-drilling protection – the most important properties of a lock cylinder that is able to defend itself.


Knob cylinder -The knob cylinder with only one side for the key holder would be very useful for cellar doors or home doors. The cylinder can be operated via a knob on the inside. This means that the knob cylinder can always be locked from the inside.


Half cylinder -The half cylinder is mostly used in storage doors, because there is no point in opening the key from the inside.


Lever cylinder -The lever cylinder opens and closes with a lever. There are many different kinds for different areas. The lever cylinder is very well suited for lockers, safe deposits, wardrobes and so on.

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Do you want the best door lock cylinder security? Then you should buy the  locking online, which is equipped with a security standard. If your model is older and insecure, then you should urgently buy a new locking cylinder from Yalehome in Middle East and UAE.


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