Best Yacht Clubs

It is a real paradise for yacht owners with the best yacht clubs, state-of-the-art social facilities, hotels, luxury residences, night clubs, restaurants, design shops, golf courses, and fun events.


The best yacht clubs of the world, which will be admired by yacht lovers from many different parts of the world, are coming for luxury and comfort lovers. We have compiled them for you.


These best yacht clubs are as follows;


  1. Flora Bama yacht club
  2. Columbia yacht club
  3. Corinthian yacht club
  4. Chicago yacht club


Yacht clubs, where previously people with the same social status meet, now host training and races. Among the clubs that have reached a thousand in the world, there are those established in the early 1800s. The British keep their superiority in this regard.


Yacht clubs, which have been established as a sport and hobby for human beings who have benefited from maritime for commercial purposes for many years, have trained many seafarers in the history of the world.


History of the Best Yacht Clubs

When we look at the history of the best yacht clubs, we see that they were established in places where individual boats and sails were first used.


In addition to the sailing training given to children and young people, the history of these clubs, which offer their members the opportunity to play sports through regular races, is very old.


1.Flora-Bama Yacht Club


Flora-Bama Yacht Club is an open-air restaurant on the Ole River. Within the services it offers, it hosts beautiful activities that attract a lot of attention.

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2.Columbia Yacht Club


Columbia Yacht Club, which has been active since 1892, is one of Chicago’s leading boat clubs. It also organizes the largest sailing organizations.


3.Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC)


Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) is a world-famous yacht club that provides many giant services to its members and visitors and provides quality service.


4.Chicago Yacht Club


Chicago Yacht Club is located in Illinois, Chicago. Chicago Yacht Club has made a name for itself with the races it held every July. It also hosts many races during the boating season.


For some, these clubs are places where people with common hobbies meet, although they have a symbol of privilege or social status. Apart from being a tool of socialization, the yacht clubs, which lead the development of sailing with the training and races it organizes, mediate people’s close contact with the sea.




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