Feel The Difference In Aluminum Systems With TGP

Aluminum is a completely recyclable and most of the element is used in processing is still in the end product. This makes it a very environmentally friendly item in the architecture sector. In contrast, PVC is much more difficult to recycle. That’s why many companies choose not to recycle it and it goes straight to landfill.

In use, PVC is often criticized for its aesthetics. The windows in particular are often very bulky and visibility can be poor. This is where the difference to aluminum becomes clear as a much stronger element is used and therefore the windows can be kept thinner. This reduces sight lines and contributes to a brighter and more open property.

Aluminum systems can often be more individually harmonized with creation and aesthetics. This means that customized windows can often be selected to suit requirements. This is of particular advantage when working with individually designed buildings that strive for a great design.

Security is and always will be an important fact when considering the components of your property. PVC product has struggled a lot in this area in the past. The safety of these products has improved a lot these days, but they still haven’t reached the high regularities of an aluminum system. Some aluminum systems allow securing up to a WK4 rating. This is a very high security and in most cases not necessary in ordinary residential areas. By using an aluminum system, you achieve a level of security that cannot be guaranteed by comparable PVC items. Let’s check further the usage of aluminum in the architecture sector.

Garden Patio Enclosure Systems

The light metal aluminum is an excellent way to glass roof systems and glazing systems. Because although it has just a third of the density of steel and is therefore extremely light, aluminum is characterized above all by its high stability. Wind and weather cannot harm the aluminum patio roof and you will enjoy the patio roof for a long time. Another reason why our customers like to choose aluminum is that it looks very good with innovational architecture. On top of this guillotine systems is, as usual, high-quality polycarbonate in the way of roof panels or real glass.

Winter Garden Sliding systems – light as a feather and weatherproof. Among the materials found in the system, aluminum is the most abundant and along with steel, is also the most widely used in the sector. Even in competition with other elements, aluminum is the most abundant in the earth after silicon. It is also very easy to recycle and is therefore much more ecological compared to plastic and will also be available in the future. Even in its unprocessed state, aluminum hardly reacts with air or water, making it a great element for outdoor buildings. In contrast to wood, it does not have to be protected against fungal or worm infestation. At the same time, moisture cannot harm the aluminum because it does not rust. So your patio roof system will still look good years later.

Windows and Doors

Aluminum windows and doors have the highest weather resistance and durability. The stability of aluminum windows and aluminum front doors is extremely high, which also leads to the use of such aluminum tools in commercial and private high-end residential buildings. Many sizes and shapes can only be realized by constructions with aluminum.

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Windows and doors made of aluminum are low-maintenance and very durable, as there is very little wear and tear on the material. Due to the individual powder coating, colored aluminum windows and front doors are available in almost every color imaginable. Wood design can even be burned onto the aluminum window with a real structure.

Aluminum windows and doors are not only environmentally friendly due to their insulation values, but are also 100% recyclable. Aluminum windows also offer an environmental aspect. Aluminum windows and doors are more burglar proof and soundproof than wooden and PVC windows. Aluminum windows have better fire protection properties than wooden windows.

Railing and Fence Systems

Due to the in-house production of our railings and fences, we are characterized by a particular strength: individuality and adaptability. However, these various adjustments also lead to a large number of different forms and individual creations. In this overview you can see a rough view of the models, each with associated links to individual sub-chapters with reference images. Regardless of the existing links, TGP Systems is happy to manufacture any of the models as railings for balconies, terraces, stairs and as fences and gates. https://tgpsystems.com/cat/railing-and-fence-systems/

The difference between the systems that we are often asked about by our customers is the choice of color. PVC is limited to a small range of colors and any requests not included can result in high additional costs. Aluminum products can be coated with any color by powder spray painting. The standard colors usually do not cost a surcharge at TGP Systems for aluminum. Choosing the right products for your property takes time and TGP Systems is always happy to help anyone with any questions. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to contact the official webpage for good offers and best materials.

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