How To Wash Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are usually more difficult to clean than other leather shoe styles with a smooth surface. Because the rough models of leather are subtle to water, stains or greasy spots can easily appear if they are not cleaned correctly. If you have to wash suede shoes, you should always treat the whole shoe and not try to wash out stains or edges.

It is also very important that you roughen up the suede with a soft brush after washing them. If you want to avoid having to clean your shoes too often, you can waterproof your shoes after you buy them. The saturate spray not only protects against moisture, but also has a dirt-resistant reaction. Nevertheless, you should brush out the shoes with the velvety surface after each wearing.


Clean Light Suede Models

Even if you should remove the dust from suede shoes every time you wear them, that doesn’t mean that you always have to use a wire brush to get to work. If your shoe is only slightly dusty, a soft brush made of boar bristles is sufficient. For heavy soiling, use a fine wire brush to get to work. After removing the superficial dust comes the deep cleaning: If the shoe is still dirty after brushing, a spray is used. Spray the shoes with it from all sides and brush them off again with the brush. This time brush until no more dirt can be seen. Then let the shoes dry.

Clean Suede Shoes

Grease stains on suede are particularly bad because the leather’s velvety surface soaks up the grease quickly. Therefore, especially with these kind of shoes: Act quickly! As a first aid measure, carefully dab the stains out of the shoes with kitchen paper or a handkerchief. Do not press or rub! In either case, you would only work the grease deeper into the leather and enlarge the stains. If the paper towel does not suck any more grease out of the shoes, do the following: If you have light-colored shoes, use dry shampoo, if you have dark-colored models, use the shampoo for dark hair. Let the home remedy work. Once the shampoo has sucked the grease out of the suede, brush it out with a brush.

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Home Remedies For Cleaning Suede

Starch: You can use cornstarch to suck water or grease out of nubuck. To do this, sprinkle the stains evenly with starch flour. Wait for the flour to draw the grease or water out of the shoes, then brush it off. This procedure may have to be repeated.

Suede Shoes

Vinegar: Juice and tea stains can be removed from suede with vinegar. To do this, first dab the stains with kitchen paper. Then fill a bowl with vinegar and dip a lint-free cotton cloth in it. Gently rub the stains out of the shoes. Then treat the wet stains like water stains. Attention: The home remedy may change the color. Try it on an inconspicuous area first.


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