Luxury Holiday With Your Pets

Our luxury offers for holiday homes with a pet – because what would a vacation be without your beloved four-legged friend? The great holiday destination for all dogs and their owners are holiday homes. What should you look out for in a holiday home for yourself and your dog, what must you take with you on the trip, in which holiday style do dogs feel most comfortable and which holiday facilities are fun for two and four-legged friends? Here you will find the most important recommendations for holidays with your dog by the sea or wherever your new addition to the family feels most comfortable! You shouldn’t miss out on it either! This is how you recognize the luxury holiday home;


Four and two-legged friends feel equally at home in a dog-friendly holiday home. What equipment should you look for in your holiday home?

• Fenced-in holiday: so that dogs can frolic safely on the property and not run away.
• Large garden or a vacation home in the middle of nature: Your dog can go outside the door at any time, even without you.
• Quiet destination without too many other people: Not only on New Year’s Eve, dogs in particular enjoy the silence and little hustle and bustle.
• A nice place for the basket: with the greatest view of the destination and still warm and without drafts.
• A luxury facility: so that mistress and master are particularly comfortable on vacation and more treats come out.

Vacation Homes In The Mountains – Luxury Holiday With Dogs
Regardless of whether Switzerland or the Black Forest – holiday homes in the mountains offer luxury conditions for a wonderful hiking with your dog. Many travel associations have prepared hiking routes especially for two and four-legged friends. Discover dog walking on the trail in Europe’s most luxury places or conquer them together along the famous lookout rocks. In the meantime, private dog trekking equipment with dog harnesses and belts for a safe and relaxed hiking is already available in specialist outdoor retailers.

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