Mareva injunction

In international law, a Mareva injunction is an injunction taken to protect the rights of the parties or the public. This decision can be taken upon request or when the judge deems it necessary. It is a decision that prevents the parties from taking action such as using, selling, renting or smuggling their assets abroad. In a case where a Mareva injunction decision is made, this decision will continue until that case is concluded and the parties must comply with it. The injunction can also be taken in cases between married couples in some cases. Generally, this decision can be taken frequently in divorce or custody cases.


How to get Mareva injunction?

This decision can only be taken by local and international courts. It is essential to apply to the court for Mareva injunction. Mareva injunction application made in writing is decided in a short time. All parties must comply with this decision. In some cases, the coverage area is determined and this decision may cover international regions. The injunction, which can be taken temporarily or indefinitely, can be between 3 and 6, or it can cover periods longer than 1 year. Annulment or annulment of the decision can also be made only by the same court.


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