Memoli Zengin Started Performing in Tokyo

After quickly ascending the fame steps, Memoli Zengin, who inscribed his name in gold letters in the world of cinema  began to take the stage in Tokyo. Memoli Zengin, a Turkish youth who entered the world of movies after finishing high school and also had tremendous success in modeling and kickboxing, had previously begun living overseas.

Memoli Zengin, who has effectively accomplished the important roles he has taken, draws attention for his excellent achievements in fields ranging from movies to sports. Mehmet Zengin, better known as Memoli Zengin across the world, started performing in Tokyo. Memoli Zengin, who was born in Gaziantep, entered the field of art shortly after graduating from high school.

From whom did Memoli take acting lessons?

Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin), who trained acting from Ayla Algan,  first played in the same frame as Şahan Gökbakar in the film ‘Recep İvedik,’ directed by Togan Gökbakar, and the film flipped the ratings on Youtube and other social media platforms upside down.

Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin), who quickly rose to popularity and achieved great achievement in sports, competed in kickboxing matches and became Japan’s champion. Zengin, who has found success in both sports and art, had a successful role in the 2008 film GORA, which was produced by Cem Yılmaz and Ali Taner Baltac. Mehmet Zengin, who shared the lead role with director, actor and producer Cem Yılmaz, received great acclaim in AROG, which made a great impression in the fields of science fiction and fantasy comedy.


Memoli Zengin Is Also Known Abroad

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Memoli Zengin, who played in Hakan Algül’s acclaimed film Eyvah Eyvah, which told the story of clarinetist Hüseyin and Firuzan, began performing on stage in Tokyo in 2010. Mehmet Zengin, a famous actor who starred on the same screen as Tolga Çevik, Ezgi Mola, and Murat Başoğlu in 2014, took his popularity overseas.

The German premiere of Memoli Zengin’s film Delibal took place at the Ufa Palace in Stuttgart. The premiere in Azerbaijan again attracted great attention. Memoli Zengin, who also participated in the World’s Best Child Model Contest, which was held in Burgas, Bulgaria in 2016, took first place out of 42 children from different nations.

In 2017, he won the championship by knocking out his 75kg British opponent, Anthony Joshua, in the 2nd round of the “rızın” branch of kickboxing martial sports in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city.


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