Steel and Office Furniture Industry

Orçelik is a brand that stands out in the steel and office furniture industry in the Aegean Region and aims to be at the top in employment and production. The company offers its users solutions for various needs with its wide range of products. Orçelik’s success story has been shaped by flawless products that come to life in state-of-the-art production facilities.


Perfect Archive and Storage Systems

Orçelik stands out as a brand that sets industry standards in archive and storage systems. While you save space with Compact Archive Systems, you can keep your documents safely with Lockers and File Cabinets. Orçelik’s products help you increase efficiency by maintaining order in your workplace.

Products that ensure safety in the workplace

Orçelik is a brand that stands out with its sensitivity to security. You can secure your valuables with Security Cabinets, and store your workplace tools and equipment in an orderly manner with Tool Cabinets and Machine Tool Systems. Orçelik makes your work environment safer by prioritizing your security.

Special Designs and Functionality

Orçelik offers special designs by prioritizing customer satisfaction. While Werzalit / Special Products offers customizable solutions for your special projects, it also provides aesthetic and functional products for library and document management with Library Systems and Map and Plan Cabinet. Orçelik makes a difference by offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Orçelik continues to add value to workplaces as a brand that stands out with quality, safety and diversity in the steel and office furniture industry. You can review the products on the Orçelik website and discover solutions that suit your needs.

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Meeting Point of Innovation and Quality

Orçelik is a brand that makes a name for itself with its innovative projects in the steel and office furniture industry. Werzalit / Special Products makes a difference in the sector by offering aesthetics, functionality and quality together to its customers with special design products such as Library Systems, and Map and Plan Cabinet.

Orçelik’s Card Index Cabinet Products

Orçelik combines aesthetic design with functionality with its Card Index Cabinet products. Each cabinet is made of durable materials and ensures long-lasting use. Additionally, the company’s color and design options offer a wide range of options to match your workplace décor. Card Index Cabinet is just one of Orçelik’s solutions in the field of document management. Explore the various products that Orçelik offers to organize your documents at work, increase accessibility and generally streamline your workflow.

The Perfect Meeting of Order and Aesthetics

Orçelik brings together functionality and aesthetics with Shelf Systems, designed to meet storage needs and maintain order in workplaces. These systems offer a wide range of products that can be used in a variety of industries, providing customers with flexible and customizable storage solutions. Shelf Systems are basically modular storage systems created by combining shelves. These systems aim to use storage spaces more effectively and organize various items. Orçelik’s Shelf Systems products come in different sizes and configurations, providing customers with customizable storage solutions.

Comfort and Efficiency in Workplaces

Sitting Benches are an ideal option for waiting areas or break rooms in workplaces. These products from Orçelik can increase productivity in the workplace by offering employees a short break or a comfortable meeting point in collective work areas. These benches add elegance with their modern designs and also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the workplace. Orçelik’s Sitting Benches products also offer an impressive appearance in public areas. Used in areas with heavy traffic such as airports, shopping malls and hospitals, these benches offer a seating solution that is both aesthetically attractive and comfortable. Different design options adapt to the decor of any place.

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