The Most Luxury Spiritual Resorts Around The World

Just escape from everyday life and find your inner voice and determination? These luxury spiritual resorts offer any kind of luxury travel style.


Far From Everything In The Himalayas

Which country do you think of when you think of spiritual time out and meditation retreats? Maybe India? Then you are like many people. The land of chai tea is the epitome of what many imagine and desire as integral components in the search for the inner self.

The luxury accommodations of Shakti are based in the Indian Himalayas in remote places, where you are far away from anything that reminds you of the stress of the world. What counts here is space and peace with the beautiful landscape, which increases creativity and cares for your soul. The price is correspondingly steep: six days with day hikes and accommodation in cost almost 5,000 dollars per person.

Luxury Spiritual Resorts

Buddhism On The Private Island

Would you rather have it a bit smaller – but only in terms of the  beds, not the size of the resort? In Song Saa you can rent one of four villas on a private island. Here you not only enjoy bedrooms with sea views and a rainforest environment. You can also take part in Buddhist teachings and meditations and really explore your inner being.

Pamper your body with massages and bathing sessions. Would you like to be blessed by a Buddhist monk? The island is a pioneer in sustainable luxury tourism, which improves the ways of life and preserves nature. And what does the fun cost? It starts at around 300 dollars per night and room.

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Cuddle With Puppies

Looking for a deeper meaning? This combination could be the answer: Eastern and Western healing approaches are mixed with native teaching ways at the Sunrise resort in New Mexico. So there is a big focus on meditation. And on the mental effect of the interaction between humans and animals: the guests can look after incredibly soft and trusting puppies. The price per night is at least 325 dollars.

Wellness In A Luxury Monastery

225 nuns once lived here, now there are only nine – for this there are numerous guests: The Augustinian monastery in Canada from the 17th century has been transformed into a populars wellness center. Here you can relax, uncouple, do exercise therapies and eat healthy organic dishes. There are various fixed offers, but you can also stay yourself or receive spiritual advice from the remaining nuns.


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