Traditional Knotting Meets With Luxury Carpets

Many furnishing styles show ways of luxury living room carpets that are furnished with great taste and carefully selected. The brand’s carpets are identified by the finest elements and elaborate craftsmanship.


Meditation and Advanced Style

These room remodeling is often a difficult, sometimes the only thing that is not enough to achieve the desired ambience. The carpet is designed so that it is not in vain, but completed and assessed that requires the inclusion of some materials.

Refined Carpets

Refined elements, such as luxury carpets let chic infuse the space where you place it. The charm of these carpets within the living space is synonymous with wealth and defines even the status of the homeowner.


Aesthetic Carpets

This is not just an aesthetic carpet that has a life of its own, chosen to be the centerpiece of the room in which it lives. It is designed to arrange and being able to give a touch of shine.

Great Elegance

This model is a stay of great elegance: the white tones and wooden table and chairs, a pearl white carpet, thanks to the silky element that lights up the room and makes it relaxing and restful approached to the eye.

Carpet and Sofa Combination

In this case, the carpet lights up the space and redefines the living room. It is the great mixture of carpet and sofa, put both on the background with light wood.

Shadow Denim

A similar look can also be achieved by arranging a shadow denim. The luxury carpet will be obtained, which in this context is the ambience brightness.

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Toned Carpet

Consider the walls, designed with different shape patterns, together the choice of toned carpet is necessary; if the room has one patterned carpet (adapted to the walls), it could create an awkward contrast, because the room would represent it in many ways. The different accessoires of the room, neutral colors for example, help a
defining carpet model. The size of the carpet expands the spaciousness of the living room accentuate.


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