Travel Insurance For The Over 60

A longer stay abroad can be adventurous. The right insurance coverage for the seniors over 60 is all the more important. Sick before the trip? The cancellation insurance protects against the financial consequences of a cancellation. Sick while traveling? The global health protection of the travel insurance company for long-term stays gives you optimal protection. Statutory health insurance is often not sufficient abroad. If you want to be on the safe side, you can expand your coverage to include liability, interruption and accident protection.

For private, experienced or educational trips abroad by people resident in Europe – With daily premium calculation and no deductible.

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment with free choice of hospital
  • In the event of illness, accident 
  • In the event of unexpected acute pre-existing conditions during the trip
  • Dental treatment, repair of dentures
  • Ambulance transport, return transport to the country and repatriation
  • All types of sports and work abroad are also insured
  • Unlimited sum insured 
  • No deductible
  • Payment available in monthly installments
Travel Insurance For The Over 60
Travel Insurance For The Over 60


A Comparison Is Always Worthwhile

Use an insurance company to choose the right insurance cover for seniors over 60 abroad. Our product selection includes travel health insurance, travel cancellation insurance and travel protection packages as annual or one-time protection. With global travel health insurance, you are prepared for medical emergencies abroad. It serves to provide security for treatment costs that become necessary as a result of an accident or sudden illnesses. The travel cancellation insurance reimburses you for the travel cancellation or cancellation costs if you have to cancel your trip for health or other unforeseeable reasons. Travel protection packages for seniors over 60 are suitable for travel by plane, car, train, bus and ship. They include travel cancellation insurance, travel health insurance, emergency insurance, luggage insurance, travel accident insurance and travel liability insurance and are great for older travelers who want to be insured abroad without any worries. If you have any questions about individual providers, tariff offers or individual advice on the subject of travel insurance for seniors will be informed.

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