What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of manual therapy that helps your body’s lymphatic system function better. It’s typically used for people with lymphedema, but it can also help you feel healthier overall.

The lymphatic system collects fluid in your tissues and returns it to your heart via a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. When something disrupts that process, your lymph fluid can build up and swell your arms and legs.


Lymphatic drainage massage benefits

Lymphatic drainage massage is a special form of massage that promotes the movement of lymph around your body. It is a gentle type of massage that aims to improve your immune system by removing toxins and promoting healing.

The lymphatic system transports mainly white blood cells as part of your immune system, but it also removes waste and toxins from the body. This helps to regulate inflammation and the immune response, explains Dr. Stout, a chiropractor in Dallas, Texas.

But, if a health condition interrupts this flow, your lymph fluid can build up in certain areas – called lymphedema. This can be a problem in people who have had surgery, or who are suffering from chronic illness, and can cause swelling.

However, if you do have this problem, lymphatic drainage massage is effective in treating it. It stimulates the lymph vessels and the lymph nodes in the area to work more efficiently, which can reduce swelling and pain.

Full body lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle type of massage that helps move fluids throughout your body. It’s used for a variety of reasons, including to reduce swelling in your arms and legs caused by lymphedema, which occurs when your lymphatic system doesn’t work properly.

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During a full body lymphatic drainage massage, the therapist uses a series of light motions to stimulate the lymphatic system, says Stout. These include gliding, stretching, and cupping movements to help lymph fluid flow quickly through the tissues and out of your body.

This type of massage can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, from swollen feet and hands to chronic pain and migraines. In addition, it can boost your immune function and improve blood circulation.

To maximize the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage, you should receive it from a licensed practitioner. This is because it is important to use very light pressure on your lymph capillaries and nodes during the massage, as any too much pressure could result in injury or redness.

After lymphatic drainage massage

While research is limited on the effectiveness of lymphatic massage, a randomized controlled trial found that it may reduce pain and swelling in people with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It also may increase blood flow to the heart, which can improve symptoms and quality of life.

Lymphatic drainage can also help reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This chronic disease disrupts the lymphatic flow, causing tissue swelling and other symptoms.

It is important to tell your massage therapist about any health concerns you may have, including infections and conditions that require antibiotics or antifungal medication. It is also important to let your therapist know if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure or kidney problems. If you have a fever, severe infection or malignant tumors, you should not receive lymph drainage until these conditions are under control.

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Where can I have Lymphatic Drainage Massage in NYC?

Lymphatic drainage massage NYC; If you’re looking for a lymphatic drainage massage in New York City, you should check out Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage, Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage, and Body Sculpting By Cris. Each session varies depending on your needs, but the intent always is to aid lymphatic drainage and overall well-being. The reviews for Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage and Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage are very positive. The certificate for these services only states that it cannot be applied to prenatal or lymphatic massages. 


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