What Is The Most Expensive NFT

NFTs are currently on everyone’s lips. In the meantime, enormous prices are being asked for non-fungible tokens. Due to their increase in value, NFTs are therefore also of interest to more and more investors. Here we take a look at the most expensive ones in the world.

Unlike classic tokens, NFTs are unique and therefore not interchangeable. There are NFTs on a wide variety of things. Most commonly, however, they are used in conjunction with digital art. In 2022, the popularity around NFTs has really exploded. The number of NFT marketplaces is steadily increasing. But which is the most expensive NFT?


Beeple’s HUMAN ONE

Winklemann, better known by his pseudonym Beeple, is currently one of the most prolific creators of NFT art around. What is special about his work HUMAN ONE is that, unlike other NFTs, it actually also exists in the real world. It is an approximately 2 m tall human figure in a space suit, which strides through a constantly changing landscape. The 3D movement is generated by four screens in 16K resolution, which in turn are located in a box made of mahogany. HUMAN ONE was auctioned by Christie’s for almost $30 million. At the same time, the buyer also received a corresponding NFT variant to match the work of art.

What Is The Most Expensive NFT
What Is The Most Expensive NFT


The First 5000 Days is another of Beeple’s NFT artworks. When it was sold last year, it fetched a whopping $70 million. This made Everydays the most expensive NFT in the world for a long time.The work is a collage of 5,000 different images. Each one of them was made by Beeple on a different day over a time of 13 years.

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The Merge

The Merge is currently the most expensive NFT in the world. The Merge was created by Pak, who is also behind The Clock. Instead of a single work of art, however, it is a fragmented work. Accordingly, it is not owned by a single individual, but belongs to 29.000 owners. The sale took place in 2021 on the network Nifty. During this period, the buyers purchased some fragments of The Merge. When the sale began, each of these fragments cost $575, with the price increasing by $25 every five hours.


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