Cheap Luxury Cars and Prices

Driving upper class for comparatively little money – that’s possible. And even with an electric car: Despite the high purchase price, the Porsche Taycan for example comes first in terms of luxury cars costs.


Regularly Calculate The Costs Of A Wide Variety Of Cars

This information is an important aid for prospective buyers when deciding for or against a model. Because not only the purchase price, but also the loss of value and the expenditure on fuel put a strain on the wallet. Engine oil changes and car washes also have an impact. In addition, there are insurance and workshop and tire costs.

With these calculations, the experts assume that the new car will be driven for five years and cover 75,000 km during this time. This corresponds to an annual mileage of 15,000 km.

The winner in the car cost comparison for the luxury ones is an electric car: the Porsche Taycan. The extremely low operating costs of the sports car are decisive – at least compared to the high-priced competition. They even make up for the proud purchase price of over 100,000 dollars. Nevertheless, the car is not a bargain:  each kilometer costs over one dollar – the target group shouldn’t care.

Luxury Cars
Luxury Cars

How Do You Find A Convertible Or A Roadster?

Going for a walk in summer with the top down, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face – that sounds very seductive. A convertible has long ceased to be a vehicle that only the rich can afford.

We can recommend the Fiat 500C, a very small luxury cars that we have used from 5,000 dollars for those who are particularly keen on savers. If you want a slightly larger vehicle, you should take a look at the VW Golf Cabrio. You can get these two models starting at 15,000 dollars.

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An Edgy Exterior And Raw Power

Regardless of whether they are off-road or not, SUVs are impressive just because of their size. The Kia Sportage is popular whose series have been convincing for over 20 years. The Land Rover Freelander has also proven to be a fixture in this category


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