Luxury Pens and Prices

Forget the pen that the office or the bank gave you. Put the colorful pencil collection aside. Today we’re talking about the luxury pens of writing implements. In recent years, the high-end segment of pens has become increasingly popular. Partly as a symbol, partly as a feeling in a world that is becoming more and more digital and partly as an investment. Luxurious pens are constantly increasing in price. In this article we present you the top most expensive pens ever sold. They shine and glitter and are adorned with diamonds, rubies and gold: Luxury pens are extraordinary and at the same time famous with those who want extravagance. The high quality determines the price. Luxury pens often cost a fortune. But it is worth taking a closer look to understand what makes the noble writer so special.


Montblanc Bohème Royal

Costs around 150,000 euros. Although the collection from Montblanc is already a famous one, the royal brother goes one better: the Bohème Royal is made of 18kt white gold and is set with more than 1,000 diamonds. So here we have the luxury model of the standard.

Luxury Pens

Montblanc Mystery Masterpiece

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Montblanc worked with the jewelers from Van Cleef & Arpels, who also had an anniversary to celebrate. The name is based on a famous setting diamonds: the mystery setting was combined with Montblanc’s famous pen. And this combination of two well-known companies has really created a masterpiece of a pen.


Old Mexican cultures were the underlying design for Montegrappa’s 18kt gold pen. The filigree pattern consists of images of Mexican deities and Mayan design; really particularly beautiful. Only 20 of these exclusive pens have been released and that is one of the reasons why they are so expensive.

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Aurora Diamante

Only a very lucky and very rich person can get hold of an Aurora Diamante every year. And then you get a personalized coat of arms, signature or portrait. The pen carries over 30kt diamonds, including a large cabochon diamond.

Tibaldi Fulgor Nocturnus

Tibaldi only made one copy of this pen. It was designed according to the golden ratio Phi, as it was also used in some of the greatest masterpieces. In 2010 the Fulgor Nocturnus was auctioned off in a charity auction for over 7 million euros.


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