Discover The Top 3 Luxury Sunglasses Models

The best eyewear brands? Not an easy choice. Ever since the celebrities popularized sunglasses in the 20s, they have offered us much more than just protection from the sun. But sunglasses are not only fashionable. These accessories can also give us a glimpse into the world of luxury. Made entirely of gold or inspired by ancient times, there are some exclusive sunglasses out there. According to the fashion critics, these are the 3 most expensive sunglass. Take a look. Your eyes simply deserve the greatest protection and luxury. Take a look around our fashion glasses auction and discover the variety of designer sunglasses.


Cartier Panthère Sunglasses

Cartier’s beautiful sunglasses are another unique piece of jewelery from this noble brand. The name comes from the small panthers that are attached to the temples. The frame is made of 18kt white gold, but it is not the most luxurious stuff of these glasses. 645 sapphires and almost 600 diamonds shape the frame. The glasses have to be ordered separately, because the future wearer can choose for himself whether he wants to wear sunglasses or regular glasses.


Chopard De Rigo Vision

The Swiss luxury brand Chopard is the proud manufacturer of the world’s most expensive sunglasses. The luxury brand is partnering with De Rigo to bring the record holder to life. These masterpieces are made of 60 gr gold and designed with 51 diamonds. The temples of the glasses are made of dotted gold, which gives these sunglasses a unique look.

Dolce Gabbana 2027B

There is no list of luxury properties that can do without the high-end Dolce and Gabbana brand; and this model is no exception. The DG2027B sunglasses are available for the proud price of over 300,000 Euros and have earned the Italian fashion several high placements on such lists in the past. The luxury brand takes a place here, but the owners of these unique glasses are by no means less privileged. The frames made of pure gold and the brown-tinted glasses show signs of the fashion. The brand logo is generally covered with diamonds.

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