Expensive Purse Brands

Purse are more than just an everyday accessory. They can be goods, time-defining or timeless collectibles. Whether it’s a meticulous, one-off creation or a special edition, expensive wallets are pieces of fine craftsmanship and design – with price tags to reflect that.


Patchwork Bag 34,500 Euros

The first purse on this list might not be the prettiest. It went so far that your critics dubbed you one of the hideous bags of all time. This bag was created by Marc Jacobs and actually consists of fifteen Louis Vuitton bags. These have been cut up and reunited in this patchwork. Only 24 of these bags were made, which is partly the reason for the steep price. It’s very rare to see it, and it’s even more valuable today on the second-hand market.

Robert Mouward

This unique piece, created by jeweler Mouward, contains 18 karat gold, yellow and pink diamonds. It took 10 craftsmen a meticulous 8,800 hours to finish. The jewelry bag won a World Record for the most valuable handbag in 2010, valued at $ 3.6 million.

Self-described celebrity couturier Debbie Wingham is known for her exaggerated custom style. This $ 6.7 million piece was designed in 2019 for an American client who donated some of her old jewels and scarves to the British designer for creation.


This unique Birkin, which was made in 2008 by the designer Ginza Tanaka, has a body made of platinum, which is adorned with over 2,000 diamonds. Surprisingly, the ornate strap can be removed and worn as a necklace, and the pear-shaped diamond in the center of the bag can be worn as a brooch. The price for the bag was $ 1.9 million.

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Buying A Kelly Bag Takes Patience

If you want to buy a Kelly Bag today, you have to put yourself on a waiting list and have patience. Because every single bag is only made after the order has been received. The customer determines the color, size, type of leather and other special requests. With celebrities, however, there seems to be a kind of fast-track, how else can you explain that almost every celebrity from Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian always has a new Kelly dangling on her arm. Incidentally, the bestseller costs between 3,500 and 60,000 euros, depending on the size and the material used.


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