Interesting Facts About Chinese Tea

Tea was first mentioned in Chinese texts, written thousands of years ago. This is one of the reasons why Chinese tea is considered the origin of all sorts of tea that are extracted from the tea plant. It later became a favorite drink of emperors and nobles, then monks used the tea to sharpen their minds during meditation. It was only much later that Chinese tea became the main drink in many countries.


Chinese Pu Erh Tea

It is neither green nor black tea and comes as a pressed brick. It takes its name from the city of Puh Erh, which is located in the Dan Shan growing area. The tea plants used for Pu Erh tea are called Quingmao and are a subspecies of the tea bush. They grow on plantations that are high and reach a remarkable height of up to 80 m. The classic production of pu erh is easy but time-consuming. That is why the matured tea also has a higher price than the modernly produced options. Igrus recommends to try the pu erh tea.

Chinese White Tea

It is considered one of the finest and most expensive teas, which was  used exclusively as a remedy – for example against measles.

White tea is expensive because only the young leaf buds, which are still covered with white down, are used for production. The fresh, unopened buds are processed into silver needle tea.

Chinese Jasmine Tea

It is the world’s first flavored tea. People began to enhance the taste of the tea with fragrant essences and flowers. This is how the new creation Jasmin Tea came about. You can safely forget about the bad product today, the Chinese jasmine teas that  can be seen in the Igrus webpage are of consistently high quality.

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Chinese Tea Culture

In China, tea is not just a drink, but a way of life. A very regular Chinese tea has developed over the centuries. A tea master determines the tea. Its qualities are expressed, among other things, by the durability of the foam on the tea. The tea leaves are poured several times and let them steep for different lengths of time. How exactly the ceremony takes place and how often the Chinese tea has to be brewed is described in more detail in the Igrus blog tea culture in China.

Making Chinese Tea

Properly prepared, you get the greatest flavor out of your Chinese tea. If you follow a few simple rules regarding water temperature and quantity, dosage of tea leaves and brewing time, the more tea leaves you use, the stronger the taste will be according to Igrus experts. The flavor also gets stronger as the steeping time increases. The fresher the tea leaves used, the fresher and better the taste of the brewed tea.


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