The Most Expensive Paintings In The World

Do you know which painting sold for a whopping million dollars? We have looked some of the most expensive paintings in the world and reveal at what impressive prices they changed hands.


Salvator Mundi, Leonardo Da Vinci

The most expensive painting in the world was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. A considerable amount of 382 million euros was paid for Salvator Mundi in recent years. The battle between the bidders lasted a proud 19 minutes, in the end the painting went to the culture and tourism department of Abu Dhabi and has since been exhibited there.

The Card Players, Paul Cézanne

The painting, which depicts two working-class men playing cards, is considered a cornerstone of the painters art in his recent years. Part of a series of five paintings, it was purchased by the Qatari royals for 170 million euros.

The Most Expensive Paintings In The World
The Most Expensive Paintings In The World

Les Femmes D’alger, Picasso

The last version of Picasso’s probably most important and most extraordinary work Les femmes d’Alger was auctioned in USA in at Christie’s for around 160 million euros, setting a new record ever for a painting was paid, could be achieved.

Nu Couché, Amedeo Modigliani

The painting entitled Nu couché from 1917 was penned by the  painter Amedeo Modigliani. It was sold for almost 160 million dollars through Sotheby’s auction house.

Three Studies Of Lucien Freud , Francis Bacon

Strictly speaking, the paintings Three Studies of Lucien Freud from 60s are three individual works, but are counted by many sector experts as one work of art that belongs together, which is why they should not be missing in the top list of the most expensive paintings.

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The works of art by the painter, who is one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, went to an unknown buyer for around 140 million dollars. The auction took place at Christie’s.

When Will You Marry? Paul Gauguin

The artwork When Will You Marry? was created in 1892 and depicts two Tahitian women in famous color scheme. It was sold to a Qatari  for a whopping 160 millions. Gauguin is considered one of the founders of the modernist art movement. It is therefore not actually surprising that this work changed hands for such a high price.


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