Luxury Closets and Prices

Certainly, a luxury closets is primarily intended to keep items of clothing free of dust and creases. Even if it is mainly useful and functional, that does not mean that it is also visually convincing. Luxurious closets enrich bedrooms and are something for the eye. So why not combine the useful with the beautiful?


Closet With Sliding and Revolving Doors

The closet not only includes over many different designs for sliding or revolving doors, countless extras such as drawer inserts, lighting variants and pull-out baskets, shelves  are also part of its design. Price: from approx. 200 dollars.

Two Carcase Width Closet

Scratches on the fronts? No longer an issue with the FL 50/100 wardrobe, which can be combined from two carcase widths. This is made possible by a particularly robust, matt and velvety melamine resin coating. In addition to the bodies, the equipment with drawers, shelves and cloakroom rails can also be combined as required. Costs about 450 dollars for a small module.


Lacquer Colors and Storage Space

Different dimensions, elements and lacquer colors to choose from, storage space as well as its straightforward and timeless design make it a must-have for interior beauties. Price: approximately 6,150 dollars.

The Cupboard For Jewelry and Accessories Lovers

Door attachments offer your chains, bracelets and handbags the right storage space. And otherwise it shows its best side with its sliding doors, nice colors and LED lighting. Price: around. 850 dollars. This closet specializes in sliding doors and cabinets: soft-close for drawers, sliding doors, lighting – all no problem. It also offers shelves, clothes rails, drawers and tunnel lighting. The walk-in closet is the sliding door and the interior system.

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