Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

It’s a common misconception that most men have cheap taste. Opportunities are we all know at least one guy with slick interests. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of luxury gift ideas for the gentleman. This selection includes gifts of all kinds, as you certainly don’t have to spend the highest price to get a great gifts. Read on below to discover the luxury gifts for men who already have everything.


Echo Frame

If you’re looking for a techie to lament that frame never left testing, then you might surprise them with one of the latest technology creations: the Echo Frame. These frames act as open-ear headphones as well as hands-free access. You can get notifications, make calls, add to your to-do list and more. They also work with most prescription sizes.

Globe Decanter

Whiskey lovers and world travelers alike will appreciate this vintage whiskey globe decanter, which holds a bottle of whiskey or a classic bottle of wine. This globe is a great way to present your favorite beverage as the bottle gradually reveals a sailing ship as the carafe is emptied. It comes with a nice wooden stand and a small funnel for easy filling.


Chess Game

Chess is the thinking man’s game, and this is a beautiful chess that is aimed even more specifically at the creative chess player. This set features tangled pewter pieces, a glass playing surface and a bone-strewn field below that tells the story of this classic game.

Shaving Set

A clean shave is the only right look for a gentleman. The clean shave set helps achieve just that by providing his safety razor, badger shaving and steel foam bowl in one set. A safety razor is an upgrade from blade disposable razors because this classic method provides a closer, smoother shave while saving you money when you need to replace your blade. However, if your man prefers to keep a beard, consider browsing the products of the beard creams instead.

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Espresso Machine

For the coffee snob, nothing beats the satisfying creaminess of a homemade coffee. And as any snob will tell you, if you want to make an espresso properly, you need the right elements. The espresso machine is a one-stop tool for the espresso enthusiast to achieve pure bean juice excellence. The features a built in grinder, coil heating feature and pressure steamer to ensure you get a velvety texture in every cup. Believe me when I say there’s no easier way

V-run Runner

The V-Run runners are the next greatest gift to feeling the grass beneath your feet. Actually, they’re even better than walking around barefoot, as their molded rubber sole gives you the relaxation of walking barefoot without the danger of stepping on a murderous pebble. For many, the individual toe will be a distraction, but contradictory, almost everyone I know who’s tried them never plans to go back.


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