Most Popular Van Cleef Jewellery

Van Cleef & Arpels is a jewelry, watch, and perfume brand founded in France in 1896. The brand opened its first boutiques in Paris Place Verdöme in 1906, and in 1968, leaf gold beads (Alhambra series) symbolizing the freedom and youth they created became one of the most preferred designs of Van Cleef & Arpels and later became one of the brand’s classics.

van cleef jewelry

Alhambra series has become the symbol of the brand over the years. Today, the stylized version of the Alhambra series has become the best selling product of the Perlee brand. This collection consists of white and pink weighted long-chain Van Cleef necklace models, rings, and Van Cleef bracelets. It is a series that completely reflects the youthful sense of minimalist energy. It is also in great demand by celebrities.


It is as important as advertising, presentation, and showcase as well as jewelry. If there is no original showcase and no original advertisements are made, it is a pity for the quality. The ads, presentations, and showcases of Van Cleef & Arpels reflect the quality and love under the brand in their own way.


Even if you do not know the brand, its quality, or the underlying love, it manages to impress you with its windows and advertisements and dazzles you.


Impressive Models of Van Cleef

There is an indispensable belief in the masters working in the workshops of VC & A; beauty and mystery come only after long hours at the jewelry counter, and it is only possible to make a difference. In Le Secret, where the mystery is the most important emphasis, we find surprising pieces.

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It is possible to come across a word from Oscar Wilde that comes out of a secret chamber called Fleur Van Cleef ring or a tiny ladybug coming out of a flowery brook. The fact that almost every piece can be used for multi-purpose emphasizes the technique and difference of the brand.


The fact that the necklaces are divided into pieces and converted into Van Cleef earrings, the pieces become different designs and that they can be used in different colors with their inverted points strengthens the competition in the jewelry world.


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