Best Yacht Interior Ideas

The selection of yachts for the interior design is no coincidence – Designers know how to surprise and present innovations in each of the collections.


Lady S

The motor yacht Lady S was able to win two prizes, because the almost 100m long yacht was recognized for its luxury interior design. The outstanding features include the first floating, cinema and a lounge area that can be converted into a bar.

Outstanding Lifestyle Attributes: Bold

In the category of outstanding lifestyle properties, the 85 m long Bold was able to prevail. Designer Espen has equipped the yacht with a winter garden, movable floors and sliding walls ensure the greatest possible flexibility.,


Azimuth Atlantis 45

Azimut Atlantis 45 holds the World Trophy Award for interior design in the 45 to 64 foot category. The yacht impresses with its exceptionally large interior design in two cabins and two bathrooms, the layouts in top quality, simplicity and well thought out solutions – the unconditional victory of Azimut Yachts and its luxury design.

A New Design For The S-Line

With the S-Line, the designer was challenged on other levels. This was not about revolution, but evolution. In doing so, he should  exploit the potential of the model series and develop it further in the long term. It starts with the volumes, enlarges them and gives the living spaces more space.

In the past the cockpit was only there for driving, today we integrate it into the adventure zones. The space is always the same for a certain length of the ship. The important thing is how you restructure it. On the boat, you want to be outdoors whenever possible, which is why the dinette can also have a more open-air feeling. Zones should be able to be used variably, seating areas can be transformed into reclining areas in the twinkling of an eye. The S-Line wetbar is now one of the largest in its category, larger windows also bring light below deck and the comfort has been significantly increased.

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