The Best Travel Insurance 80 Years Old and Over

We have made a comparison of the current providers of global health insurance for seniors and show you the cheapest offers here, with the focus on worldwide travel insurance fpr 80 years old and over.


Which Travel Insurances Cover Corona?

Some insurers exclude pandemics from insurance cover or they do not pay in the event of a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office. You will find more information on this in the insurance conditions of the travel insurance, which you can view in the section on the offer page.

The Best Travel Insurance 80 Years Old and Over
The Best Travel Insurance 80 Years Old and Over

Some Providers Even Stagger The Age Supplements

Cancellation insurance isn’t the only travel insurance where providers charge more money when customers reach a certain age. Price increases are also common in travel health insurance, depending on the provider from the age of 70 or 80. Usually, a policy for an individual that is valid all year round costs between 10 and 15 dollars. Due to the age surcharge, the price increases by 15 to 50 dollars. For family deals, which generally cost between 20 and 30 dollars, the prices increase even more. Some providers stagger the age supplements. From the age of 60, the prices increase a bit, from the age of 70 a little more and from the age of 80 it gets really expensive.

Expert advise seniors who are confronted with sharp price increases to cancel and look for a cheaper tariff. It’s important not to cancel until a new policy has been taken out. Because insurers and consumer advocates agree on one thing: Nobody should go on vacation without travel health insurance. It is true that people with statutory health insurance are entitled to benefits from their insurance company if they fall ill while traveling in the financial area and need the help of a doctor. The same applies in countries with which Europe has a social security agreement. But that is not the case in countries like the USA.

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Even within the EU, however, it can happen that they are stuck with the costs if they only rely on legal protection. Because the insurance companies only reimburse services at the level of the country. If the treatment is more extensive or if the traveler sees a private doctor or a private hospital, they will be asked to pay themselves. In addition, statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of any necessary return transport home. Even with private health insurance, this is not always covered.


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