The Most Expensive Dogs In The World

There are a number of great and also expensive dogs breeds. The cost of a dog can vary greatly. Some dog breeds are particularly sought after because of their appearance, rarity or characteristics. This causes the prices to rise into the range or even higher. Of course, the price of a dog does not only depend on the breed, but also on age, lineage and breeder, health and sometimes also on specific training or prizes won. The costs can also vary from country to country.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

At around 12 inches tall, the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the smallest on this list. It is a happy dog that is usually not very difficult to train and is well suited as a family dog. Unfortunately, since the main focus of breeding in recent centuries was on its cute appearance, there are many breeding diseases.

The German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a true legend, often used as a service dog. Due to its pronounced ability to learn, the strong and persistent dog is often trained as a search dog, for example. The better his education, the higher his price, of course. For individual adult, well-trained dogs, prices in the expensive range are sometimes required.


Due to its strong body and self-confidence, the Rottweiler is well suited as a service or protection dog. If it enjoys a correspondingly good upbringing, the breed is also quite suitable as a family dog. If puppies from an average breed are sold at regular prices from around 2.000 dollars, a well-trained Rottweiler that has already passed tests costs notably more.

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The Saluki from Persia are also among the most expensive dogs breeds. The fast sight hunters are considered calm, sensitive and very classy. For a puppy you pay the breeder from 3.000 dollars. If the parent animals come from famous Arabian breeding lines, it can sometimes be 10.000 dollars and more.

Tibetan Mastiff

The number 1 in the list of the most expensive dogs breeds in the world is occupied by the Tibetan Mastiff. The guardian breed from the Himalayas appears majestic like a lion due to its size and strength as well as its imposing thick fur. In particular, specimens that were bred in monasteries as guard dogs fetch very high prices and are considered a kind of status by wealthy people.


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