The Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Shoes that cost more than a mansion? This is no longer a rarity. The most expensive shoes or sneakers in the world at a glance. Because in addition to the actual production costs, these shoes have a collector’s value. We will show you which models work great as an investment for the collectors. A few will actually wear one of these shoes.


Diamond Stilleto by D.Wingham and C.Campbell

Wingham and Campbell’s Diamond Stilleto takes place in this list. It is the result of a collaboration between designer Wingham and shoe creator Campbell. The threads are gold, the leather is coated in the same too and 1000 gems are attached to the shoe. They cost almost 13 million. 

The Fire Monkey by Bicion

The most expensive sneaker and third most expensive shoe in the world is The Fire Monkey by Bicion and Gamache. Hundreds of diamonds and sapphires set in 18k white and a blue and white floral pattern adorn the shoe. The label can be seen on a pendant. They cost around 5 million dollars. 

The Most Expensive Shoes In The World
The Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Solid Gold OVO Air 

The Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan takes also place in the ranking of the most expensive sneakers in the world. This is a cooperation between the brands Jordan and OVO. The specific feature: The shoe is covered with a 24-carat layer. The value of the shoe, taking into account the price of gold at the time, was estimated at around 2 million dollars 6 years ago.

Nike Moon Shoe

Nike’s Moon Shoe has had a history: Nike co-founder Bowermann made them for qualifying for the 72 Olympic Games. It’s the last couple still standing. They cost around 500.000 dollars. 

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Converse by Jordan

The former Converse sneakers by basketball legend Jordan are also among the top most expensive shoes in the world. He wore them to basketball games during the 84 Olympics. With them he took the gold medal and signed it. But there is another feature: the sneakers were the last ones that Jordan wore in competitions. They cost almost 200.000 dollars. 


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