The Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Many people are willing to pay a lot of money for a nice pair of shoes. However, the shoes in the following are exorbitantly expensive. These are the most expensive shoes in the world. The most expensive shoes in the world: How much money would you pay for a pair of fancy shoes? A few hundred dollars? The most expensive shoes in the world cost a lot more. Shoes are a sign of lifestyle. Anyone who has ever wondered what the most expensive shoes in the world cost can get an overview below. The majority of the top rankings are provided by sports shoes. But these are not just any sports shoes. Almost half of the most expensive shoes come from the Jordan brand. None other than the basketball legend Michael Jordan is the owner and namesake of this brand and largely responsible for its success.


Nike Air Jordan

Dating back to 80s, the Air Jordans were made exclusively for legendary pro for his rookie year with the Bulls. Jordan wore them to several games back then and signed them. They were sold at an auction. This makes them the most valuable sneakers ever offered at auction. They cost $1.5 million.

Louis Vuitton Passion Diamond

The most expensive shoe in the world is the Louis Vuitton Passion. They are high heels made of leather, silk and more than 200 diamonds. They cost over 15 million.

Expensive Shoes

100MM Diamond by Buscemi

And yet another pair of sneakers is among the most expensive shoes in the world: the 100 MM Diamond. They are adorned with 11.5 carats and gold fittings. Buyers can view the limited model at the official store in downtown New York. They costaround $130,000.

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Richelieu by Louis Vuitton for $10,000

Don’t make a mess, but bulk up was the idea for Louis Vuitton’s men’s shoe selection. The luxury brand presented nothing less than the most expensive men’s shoe in the world. Well, even after reading the basic, it is not clear why this complete-brogue should now cost 10,000 dollars. Certainly, it is handmade, sewn through and made of waxed leather. Its sole is hand painted and the perforations in the upper are arranged actually nicely. But that’s about it. This is an off-the shelf shoe – is not made to measure. In addition, Louis Vuitton is not actually known for high-end shoes. But the shoe should not be made worse than it is. If you have almost 10.000 dollars left and would like to own a logo on the heel, you are on the safe side with the Richelieu.

Testoni for $40,000

Surprisingly, for the most expensive shoe in the world also goes to a shoe that you would not have expected here. The Monk, a somewhat ambiguous shoe, is receiving very special attention from Testoni. Handcrafted from the finest, waterproof leather and lined with soft goatskin, there is no question of the high price of this Monk – in contrast to the Richelieu. The reason for the $40,000 can be found by taking a closer look at the monk’s buckle. It’s made of gold and set with diamonds, but it’s understated. This makes Testoni’s Monk an item of desire for everyone who wants to show what they can afford but don’t want to splurge at the same time. Or maybe yes?

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