The Most Expensive Wines In The World

The most expensive wines in the world, that’s one of those things to consider. There are many lists, some wines appear in almost all of these rankings. The most expensive wines in the world and not just these ones are becoming more and more expensive. Despite the pandemic.

Each buyer of such a wine has their own reason for buying it, even if prices are only moving in one direction, upwards. There will always be particularly expensive wines with a history, and there will always be people willing to pay an incredible amount of money for them. This has nothing to do with the taste experience, and even less with relationships.


1869 Château Lafite

At a Sotheby’s event in Hong Kong, the experts reckoned around 100,000 dollars for a well-preserved bottle of Château Lafite 1869. Shortly afterwards, when it went to an anonymous bidder for 205,000 euros, the bottle was the most expensive wine in the world at the time.

Château Cheval Blanc

Château Cheval Blanc is one of the most famous châteaux in the world and the Cheval Blanc is one of the top wines in the world, supposedly the greatest that was ever bottled in France. At an auction, almost 270,000 euros were paid for one of the rare bottles from this vintage.

The Most Expensive Wines In The World
The Most Expensive Wines In The World

Champagne Heidsieck

In 1916, a cargo ship with a very valuable stuff made its way to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. The ship was torpedoed by German boats during World War I and sank. More than 90 years later, the valuable cargo was discovered off the coast of Finland. 2000 bottles of high quality wines and spirits were recovered from the shipwreck. A few years ago, a businessman paid almost 250,000 euros for a bottle of Heidsieck 1907 at an auction in Russia.

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1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet

An Imperial 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet was auctioned off at a charity event for many years ago. Therefore, one can discuss whether the collector’s value corresponds to the auction procedures. The fact is, the bottle from Napa Valley brought in a whopping 440,000 euros.


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